High praise for Ash Vale Pharmacy

It’s been over 6 months since Ash Vale Pharmacy re-opened under new management and continues to receive high praise from its customers. Compared to the (previous company), which received local complaints from both its customers and the local Council, now the situation could not be more different. The Pharmacy is independently operated by its new owner, Romil Patel & his team and has impressed local residents and has put an end to excessive queuing, lack of stock and poor customer service.

Ash Parish News asked Romil Patel to describe the Ash Vale Pharmacy:

We are community-focused and as a team, and decided to put the patients to the fore and we now offer the best service possible. In addition to dispensing, we have a range of stock based on our customers’ feedback. Investing heavily in staff training we aim to ensure we have the right people available when our customers need them. Our team care deeply about our patients’ safety, which is why we will deliver free of charge to our customers if they are over 70, vulnerable or disabled. The Pharmacy also offers walk-in vaccinations so there is no need to book and we have a private consultation room where we also operate our travel clinic.

Local residents give high praise for Ash Vale Pharmacy

Ash Parish News asked local residents to give their view on the new service and this is a small sample of the praise they gave:

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