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we provide affordable Phlebotomy Services at our Southwest London locations, ensuring prompt results. We offer in-store Private Blood Testing across the UK, aiming to empower you in managing your health. Our team is excited to offer this service to our customers.

Blood tests offer valuable insights into your health, aiding in maintaining wellness. Prevention is key, and knowing more about your health can be crucial. If you’re interested in learning more about our private blood tests service, please get in touch with your local branch today.

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Blood testing service

Our blood testing service is available for NHS patients as well. If your doctor has provided you with a blood test form, you can access our Phlebotomy Services at any of our Ashvale Pharmacy and Travel Clinic.

Our proficient Phlebotomy team will collect your blood sample and send it, along with the form provided by your doctor, to the labs for testing. The results will be directly sent to your doctor by the lab. If needed, your doctor will advise on any necessary actions based on the indications from the Phlebotomy procedure and the results from your blood test reports.

Private blood tests

serve various purposes, including:


  1. Health Control: They enable you to take charge of your health. Understanding your health markers empowers you to make informed lifestyle choices.

  2. Reduced Waiting Times: Opting for private tests helps bypass GP waiting times for both sample collection and result retrieval, especially for routine tests.

  3. Access to Tests: Some screening tests may not be available through the NHS, making private testing a viable option.

  4. Specific Health Concerns: Personal or family health history, or particular lifestyle choices, may prompt the need for specific tests.

  5. Peace of Mind: Knowing your blood levels are within normal ranges can provide reassurance and peace of mind about your health status.

Regardless of your motivation for seeking a private blood test, our secure and professional Phlebotomy service ensures reliable testing and support.

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