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Health Screening for Local Businesses services in Ash Vale

Prioritize Employee Health with Ashvale Pharmacy and Travel Clinic

At Ashvale Pharmacy and Travel Clinic, we understand the importance of a healthy workforce. That’s why we offer comprehensive health screenings tailored for businesses in Ashvale, Ash Parish, and Guildford. Our goal is to ensure your employees are in optimal health, contributing to a vibrant and productive work environment.

Our Health Screenings Cover:

  • Blood Pressure: Monitoring cardiovascular health.
  • BMI (Body Mass Index): Assessing weight in relation to height.
  • Cholesterol: Evaluating lipid levels for heart health.
  • Glucose: Identifying diabetes risk.
  • Heart Rate: Measuring overall cardiovascular function.

Benefits of Health Screenings:

These screenings play a vital role in early detection, highlighting potential risks such as diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks. Conducted by our experienced pharmacists, the checks are complemented by personalized advice to promote well-being.

Additional Services:

Our pharmacists can administer flu jabs and Covid jabs/boosters to eligible employees. While Covid jabs are free, flu jabs are chargeable, with exemptions for employees aged 50+, those with specific health conditions, pregnant individuals, carers, and those living with individuals at risk.

How to Arrange:

To learn more about health screening and vaccination costs or to schedule a visit to your business, please reach out to Swati at Investing in your employees’ health is an investment in the success and longevity of your business. Choose Ashvale Pharmacy and Travel Clinic for comprehensive, proactive employee care.

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