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About Rabies

Rabies is a viral infection that targets the central nervous system in mammals. When left untreated, it leads to neurological disease and, inevitably, death. The virus is transmitted through bites, scratches, or even contact with the saliva of a rabid animal, highlighting the importance of prompt medical attention and post-exposure prophylaxis to prevent the onset of the disease.

Symptoms may include:

  1. High temperature
  2. Headache
  3. Feeling anxious or generally unwell
  4. Possible discomfort at the site of the bite.

Subsequent symptoms may develop a few days later, including:

  1. Confusion or aggressive behavior
  2. Hallucinations
  3. Excessive saliva production or frothing at the mouth
  4. Muscle spasms
  5. Difficulty swallowing and breathing
  6. Inability to move (paralysis).

It is essential to seek immediate medical attention if there is a suspicion of rabies exposure, as the disease is nearly always fatal once symptoms appear

Rabies Vaccinations

3 doses over a period of 28 days.

Rabies Vaccine effectiveness

The rabies shot is considered 100% effective, underscoring its crucial role as a preventive measure for individuals traveling to regions where rabies is endemic or when access to immediate medical care is limited. Obtaining the vaccine preemptively is highly recommended. In the event of an animal bite, regardless of whether the animal appears rabid or not, it is imperative to receive rabies shots promptly. Delaying treatment until symptoms manifest can be fatal, making the vaccine administration a critical and time-sensitive intervention. Once administered, the rabies vaccine is highly effective in preventing the progression of the disease.

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